Scribebam Lugduni Batavorum ut aestimationem meam erga hujus libri possessorem testatam facerem.

Bernardus Philos[ophiae] & Mathes[is]
Professor. 26. maij. 1715.



What is ugly to do is neither nice to say.

I wrote this in Leiden, in order to give proof of my appreciation of the owner of this book.

Bernard, professor of mathematics and philosophy, on May 26, 1715






p. 25. Leiden, May 26, 1715

Bernard, Jacques
(1658-1718), French Protestant theologian

Jacques Bernard was born on September 1, 1658 in Nion, in the former Dauphiné county of southern France, where Reformation was well spread already in the 16th century. His father was the French minister Salomon Bernard, and his mother Madeleine Galatin. He learned in the Reformed school of Die, then went to attend theology and philosophy in Geneva together with his relative and friend Jean le Clerc (1657-1736). In 1679 he returned home, preached in Venterol, Vinsobre and in other places, and once with the members of his church he resisted the army sent out against heretics. This is why he had to leave France in 1683. First he went to Geneva and Lausanne, but when Louis XIV in 1685 withdrew the Edict of Nantes (1598), he left for the Netherlands. He became minister in Tergow with the recommendation of Le Clerc, then the town of Gouda invited him a Vallon preacher. In 1687 he was married. Two years later he settled in The Hague, and began to teach mathematics, philosophy and humanities. In 1705 he became Vallon preacher in Leiden, and from 1712 he was the professor of philosophy and mathematics at the university of Leiden. He died on April 27, 1718 in Leiden. He was a zealous preacher, somewhat verbose in his writings, Republican in spirit and tolerant in religion, a follower of Descartes and later of Newton in science. From 1691 he was an assistant editor of the Bibliothèque universelle et historique (Amsterdam) on the side of Jean Le Clerc, and when this latter had to give up working because of the death of the editor, from 1693 on the 20-25th volumes were edited by Bernard. He was also the editor of the volumes 1699-1710 and 1716-1718 of the Nouvelles de la république des lettres (Amsterdam), launched by Pierre Bayle (1647-1706). Some of his works are: Histoire abrégée de l’Europe. Leiden, 1686, 1688. – Epistola tolerantiae, Gouda, 1689. - Oratio inaug. de philosophiae utilitate et necessitate, Leiden, 1712. – De l'excellence de la religion chrétienne … Amsterdam, 1714. – Traité de la repentance tardive. Amsterdam: Wetstein, 1712.

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