Prudentiae est altiora animo moliri honesto,
Stultitiae est inusitatos laudare domi pulveres.
Quanti enim studiosiores rerum honestarum sumus
eo impensius imaginem Dei in nobis illustramus.

Abi bono omine, votis amicorum plenissimus, reducem te dum Deus nobis sistet, acceptet Patria haec te in pace, cujus tuque servabis pacem.

Gernyeszeg in Tran[sylva]niâ
24 Juli 1711.

Probatissimo posuit Amico.
Ladislaus è S. R. I. Comitibus Teleki S[an]c[tissi]mae Regiae Hispaniarum Ung[ari]ae Bohemiaeque Guber[nator] in Trans[sylvania], Dep[utatus] Assessor, Comitatus Albi pr. Const. Supr. Cons., nec non Ecclesiar[um] Collegior[umque] Reform[atorum] Tran[ssylvani]ae Supremus Curator.



It is wise to set to great things with honest soul / and it is foolish to praise the ancient dust of your homeland. / The more we aspire to virtuous things, / the more the image of God shines in us.

Go with good fortune, accompanied by prayers of your friends, and may we see you again until God gives us to live; may you be accepted by peace in your fatherland, whose peace you will also serve.

In the Transylvanian Gernyeszeg
on July 24, 1711

To his well-tested friend wrote it
Count László Teleki, Transylvanian Governor of the Spanish, Hungarian and Bohemian Kingdom, member of the Deputy [of the Thirteen Judges], Lord Lieutenant of Fejér county, Supreme Councillor, and Supreme Curator of the Reformed Churches and Colleges in Transylvania











p. 73. Gernyeszeg/Gorneşti, July 24, 1711

Teleki, László
(c. 1673 -1714), Transylvanian Councillor, Lord Lieutenant

Count László Teleki of Szék was born c. 1673 a son of Mihály Teleki (1634-1690) and Judit Veér (1631-1707). He was a Councillor of Transylvania, Lord Lieutenant of Fejér county, and the supreme curator of the Reformed Diocese of Transylvania. Died in 1714. His wife was Anna Vay; their only daughter, Zsuzsanna was married by Baron László Kemény, Governor of Transylvania.

After Count Teleki, two of his younger brothers, Pál and Sándor also wrote their mementos in the Album of Pápai Páriz. (pp. 83, 85). – The title of Count of the Holy Roman Empire (S.R.I. Comes: Sancti Romani Imperii Comes) was granted by Emperor and King Leopold I. to Mihály Teleki (1634-1690) and his sons in 1685 and 1687, respectively.

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