Patria est, ubi bene est. *

Paucis hisce memoriam sui nobilissimo D[omi]no Possessori Albi hujus commendare voluit

Londini die 8.vo Julij 1721.

Michael Theoph[ilus] Bauer.

 * The source of the motto is Cicero, Tusculanae disputationes 5.108, quoting from Pacuvius and Aristophanes: “Patria est, ubicumque est bene” It is also quoted in Proverbiae Senecae 43. (“Non eris in patria: patria est ubicumque bene est. Illud enim, per quod bene est, non in loco, sed in homine est.”)

For another version of the same motto cf. the note of Tobias Stranover on p. 91.


Your fatherland is where you are well off. *

With this trifle I want to recommend myself to the good memory of the possessor of this Album.

In London, July 8, 1721.

Michael Theophil Bauer





p. 95. London, July 8, 1721.

Bauer, Michael Theophil
(c. 1695-?), German student of law

The matricules of the Leiden University include the following register dated on December 30, 1719: Michael Bauer, Burgaviensis, 24, Juris studiosus. That is, he was from Burgau of Bavaria (former Schwaben-Neuburg), and he was 24 years old when he immatriculated as a student of law. Thus he might have born around 1695. He made his note in the Album of Ferenc Páriz Pápai on July 8, 1721 in London. Tobias Stranover, who made his note two pages back (p. 91), used another version of the same Ciceronian motto: Where you are well off, there is your fatherland.

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