Virtus sibimet pulcherrima merces. *

In spe et silentio fortitudo mea. *

Paucula haec Praestantissimo D[omi]no Possessori cum voto omnigena felicitatis apponere voluit Jerem[ias] Stercky. S. S. Th. D. et Prof. atque etiam Eccles[iae] Reform[atae] paroch[us], Pastor Senior.

Berolini 17. Augusti 1713

 * The first quotation is the renowned and often quoted locus of Silius Italicus, Punica 13.663: “Ipsa quidem virtus sibimet pulcherrima merces”.

 * The second quotation is a paraphrase of Isa 30:15. The original is: “si revertamini et quiescatis salvi eritis in silentio et spe erit fortitudo vestra” (“In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not.”)


Virtue is a beautiful prize for itself. *

My strength is in quietness and confidence. *

With this trifle wants to wish to the possessor [of this album] every possible happiness Jeremias Sterky, doctor and professor of theology, and senior pastor of the Reformed Church.

In Berlin, on August 17, 1713.








p. 143. Berlin, August 17, 1713

Sterky, Jeremias
(?-1718), German Reformed pastor, theologian

Jeremias Sterky was senior pastor of the Reformed Church in Berlin, and professor of theology in Frankfurt an der Oder. He died on July 29, 1718. The funeral sermon held by Paul Volckmann on this occasion was published: Die mühsame Schiff-Fahrt des zeitlichen Lebens, als … Jeremias Sterky … am 29. Jul. des 1718ten … Jahres … in die Ewigkeit versetzet … worden, Jn einer Abdanckungs-Rede vorgestellet … Berlin, 1719.

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