Specioso, et Egregio Juveni, Domino Francisco Pariz Pápai, Ejusdem nominis Parentis, Amici integerrimi, Viri Eruditissimi, Medicinae Doctoris Experientissimi Filio, in perpetuam sui memoriam lubens hoc Sancti Pauli ascripsit. Thomas Veresegyházi. SS. T[heologiae] D[octor] p[ro] t[empore] Ecclesiae Debricinae Pastor primar[ius] MP

Debrecini. Anno 1711. 19. Augusti.

 * 2Cor 3,5: Vulgate: “sed sufficientia nostra ex Deo est”.


Our sufficiency is of God. *

With this verse of St. Paul I recommend myself to the eternal memory of the eminent and outstanding young Ferenc Pápai Páriz, son of his father of the same name who is my intimate friend, an erudite man and experienced physician
Tamás Veresegyházi, doctor of medicine, and at this time first pastor of the church of Debrecen.

In Debrecen, on August 19, 1711.








p. 189. Debrecen, August 19, 1711

Veresegyházi, Tamás
(1643-1716), Reformed bishop

Tamás Veresegyházi was born in Debrecen in 1643. He learned in his native town, from 1665 also the higher studies, until he became a senior. In the meantime he was a rector in Bihar. From 1672 he went to visit foreign universities. After Frankfurt an der Oder, Leipzig, Marburg and Zürich in January 1674 he went to Basel where he graduated in theology. He also visited Breslau (Wrocław), and taught for a year in Debrecen. As a pastor, he served in Nagykároly (Carei), Biharpüspöki (Episcopia Bihor), Bihar, Hajdúszoboszló, and from 1686 Debrecen. In 1711 he was elected Bishop. He died in Debrecen in March 1716. Besides his greeting and funeral poems, his works are: Disputationis theologicae … pars prior, de praedestinatione Dei et electione sanctorum … Veres-Egyhazi author & respondens. 2 tom. Zürich, 1673. – Defensio inauguralis thesium theologicarum de providentia Dei. Zürich, 1674.

From the end of 1709 Tamás Veresegyházi spent a year and a half as a pastor without a community, and he just received a new place in August 1711. He wrote in the album in August 19, 1711, this is why he signs it as "at this time" (pro tempore) first pastor of Debrecen. He was elected Bishop on September 20 of the same year.

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