Nulla Felicitas, ubi nulla Pietas. *

In gratiam Doctissimi D. Possessoris adscripsi

Fredericus Ruyschius
Anat[omiae] & Botanicae Professor

Amstelod[ami] 12. 8br. 1714.

 * Cf. St. Augustin, De civitate Dei 4.23.2 (PL 41.130): “Nam quomodo ibi esset vera felicitas, ubi vera non erat pietas?”


There is no happiness where there is no piety. *

Written on the request of the erudite owner [of this album]:

Fredericus Ruyschius
professor of anatomy and botany

In Amsterdam, on October 12, 1714.







p. 191. Amsterdam, October 12, 1714

Ruysch, Frederik
(1638-1731), Dutch anatomist and botanist

Frederik Ruysch (Ruijschius) was born in the Hague on March 23, 1638, a son of Hendrik Ruysch and Anna van Berchem. He learned in the Latin school, and he became an assistant pharmacist. In 1661 he opened his own pharmacy, and was admitted to the guild. Later he went to Leiden to attend lectures of medicine, and he disputed in 1664. During the plague he worked in the Hague. He was appointed in Amsterdam professor of anatomy in 1666, and of botany in 1685. Besides he gave instruction to the midwives of the city. In 1705 he was elected a member of the Academia Leopoldina, in 1720 of the English Academy, and in 1727 of the French Academy. In 1717 he sold his unique collection of anatomy and natural sciences to Zar Peter the Great for 30 thousand guldens, and then, at the age of 79, immediately began to compose a new collection. In this he was supported by his youngest daughter, a very experienced anatomist herself. His second collection was sold by auction after his death. He died in Amsterdam on February 22, 1731. – He made a series of important anatomical discoveries and introduced some new healing methods. His son Henricus (?-1727), an erudite physician, worked in Amsterdam; his daughter Rachel (1664-1750) was a popular still life painter. Some of his works are: Disputatio medica inauguralis de pleuritide, Leiden, 1664. – Observationum anatomico-chirurgicarum centuria. Accedit catalogus rariorum, quae in museo Ruyschiano asservantur … Amsterdam, 1691. – Thesaurus anatomicus. Amsterdam, 1701-1714. 10 pt. – Dilucidatio valvularum in vasis lymphaticis et lacteis. Haga, 1665. Nieuwkoop, 1964. – Together with Raymond Vieussens (1641-1715): Circa inventionem vasculosae structurae corticis cerebri, renum, membranae, inter uterinam placentam atque uterum interjectae, atque vermicularium vasorum internum uterum perreptantium

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