Pietate et labore,

Hisce memoriam sui Doctiss[imo] ac Nobiliss[imo] Possessori commendare voluit.

T. H. van den Honert S. S. Th. Dr. et Profess[or]

Lugd[uni] Batav[orum]



With piety and labour.

With this I want to recommend myself into the memory of the learned and noble owner [of this album]

T. H. van den Honert, doctor and professor of theology

In Leiden, on November 27, 1719








p. 257. Leiden, November 27, 1719

Honert, Taco Hajo van den
(1666-1740), Dutch Reformed theologian

Taco Hajo van den Honert was born on March 16, 1666 in Norden of Eastern Friesland, the son of Johan v. d. H. and of Ida Hajinga. His mother died soon after the birth of his son, who was educated by his grandmother. He read theology in Marburg, from 1683 in Leiden and in Dordrecht. In Leiden he defended his dissertation De mundi in tempore productione. From 1689 he was a pastor in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht and Brielle (Zuid-Holland), from 1698 in Amsterdam. In 1714 he was invited to Leiden as the successor to his former professor of theology Salomon van Til (1643-1713). From 1721 he also became professor of Hebrew antiquities. He died in Leiden on February 23, 1740. His son was the celebrated theologian Jan van den Honert (1693-1758). Some of his works are: Het hooge-priesterschap van Christus naar de ordening van Melchisedek … Amsterdam, 1712. – De Messias verherlykt, 1714. – Theologia naturalis et revelata per aphorismos delineata … Amsterdam, 1715. – Dissertatio de theologiae propheticae necessitate … Leiden, 1721. – Dissertatio inauguralis de necessaria ad recte interpretandam Scripturam Sacram, antiquitatum Hebraicarum cognitione. Leiden, 1721 – Dissertationes historicae: 1 De creatione mundi, 2 De situ Edenis et Horti, 3 De lingua primaeva. Leiden, 1738.

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