Nullum Numen abest si sit Prudentia; sed nos
Te facimus Fortuna Deam. *

Memoriam sui ut commendaret, scr[ipsit]
P. Carmichel.


 * These two verses figure twice in the Saturae of Juvenal, in 10.365-6 and 14.315-6: “Nullum numen habes, si sit prudentia: nos te, / nos facimus, Fortuna, Deam”.


We are in no need of gods if we have Wisdom; but we make you, Fortune, our goddess. *

I wrote this recommending myself into the good memory [of the owner of the album]
P. Carmichel.

In London, on the 4th day before the Calends of September of 1718







p. 311. London, August 29, 1718

Carmichel, P.