Is demum verè magnus, qui magna didicit contemnere.

Anco trà le spine nascon le rose. *

Illustri, et pereximio Dn. Possessori
fausta quaeque precatur,
seque porrò commendat,
V[erbi] D[ivini] M[inister] Gymn[asii] Bas[ileani] Conrector

Basileae, d. 15. Julij, aº. MDCCXIX.

 * Cf. Ariosto, Orlando furioso 27.1: “…che de le spine ancor nascon le rose, e d’una fetida erba nasce il giglio”.


He is really great who has learned to despise great things.

[Motto:] Among thorns grow roses. *

To the illustrious and eminent owner [of this book] I wish all kind of good fortune, and recommend myself into his memory,
Vincentius Paravicinus
pastor and co-rector of the high school of Basel

In Basel, on July 15, 1719








p. 315. Basel, July 15, 1719

Paravicinus, Vincentius
(1648-1726), Swiss high school teacher

Vincentius Paravicinus was born on March 10, 1648 in Castasegna of Graubünden canton. He began to read theology in Basel, then he continued with literature. In 1663 he was co-rector, then rector of the high school. He assisted Johann Jacob Scheuchzer (1672-1733) in completing his work Nova literaria Helvetica (Zürich, 1703-1715). He died on December 17, 1726. Some of his works: Catalogus scriptorum ab Helvetiis ac foederatis reformatae religionis annis 50. posterioribus saeculi XVII. editorum …, Basel, 1698. – Singularia de viris eruditione claris, centuriae tres … Basel, 1713.

Paravicinus indicates in his note his titles of pastor (V.D.M.) and co-rector of the high school of Basel. He has an Italian motto, which might be an allusion to his Swiss Italian origins.

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