Festina lentè. Hâtez-vous lentement.
Semper habent parvae commoda magna morae. *

Id nobilissimo Domino Possessori hinc, post triennium et in Arte medica et in aliis Disciplinis magna cum laude decursum, discedenti, recordationis erga, et omnia prospera adprecatus scribebat J. Sperlette, Consil. Reg. Moral. Prof. P[rofessor] O[rdinarius] et p[ro] t[empore] Academiae Fridericianae Secundum Pro-Rector.

Halae Magdeb[urgicae] d[ie] 30. M[ense] Julii An[no] 1714.

 * Ovid, Fasti 3.394: “Differ: habent parvae commoda magna morae.”

Hasten slowly. / A small delay has always a great benefit. *

I recommend this to the noble owner [of this album], when after three years spent with outstanding results in the study of medicine and other studies he sets out to leave, and I wish him all the best, J. Sperlette, royal councillor, professor of moral theology, ordinary professor and at this time prorector of the Academia Fridericiana.

In Halle of Magdeburg, on July 30, 1714.






p. 389. Halle, July 30, 1714

Sperlette, Johann
(?-1724), German professor of philosophy

Johann Sperlette Prussian royal councillor taught philosophy in the high school of Berlin, then he became professor at the faculty of philology in Halle, as well as prorector of the university. He died in 1724. His main works are: Opera philosophica, in … logicam, metaphysicam, moralem, et physicam, prius divisim, jam nunc conjunctim editas, distributa. Berlin, 1703. – Programma qua ad exsequias Sophiae Charlottae reginae Borussiae invitat. Halle, 1705. – Printed catalogue of his library: Catalogus, Halle, 1725.

• Jöcher