Ipsa dies quandoque parens, quandoque noverca est. *

Ferendum et sperandum.

Nobilissimo ac Eruditiss[im]o Juveni Viro, D[omi]no FRANCISCO PARIZ PAPAI D[omi]no Syncerâ memoriâ Colendo se totum devovet

Samuel Cseh Also-Csernátoni MP

Londini MDCCXXIII, 16 Julij S[tylo] V[eteri].

Symbolum. Providebit Dominus. Gen. XXII. 14. *

 * This adage is quoted in this Latin translation by Erasmus, Adagia 1.8.64 from Hesiodus, Opera et dies 825.

 * This motto is the Latin translation of the name of the mount given by Abraham in Gen 22:14: “And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovahjireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen.” Vulgate: „appellavitque nomen loci illius Dominus videt unde usque hodie dicitur in monte Dominus videbit”.



Time is sometimes our sweet parent and sometimes our stepmother. *

Endurance and hope.

I recommend myself to the very noble and erudite young Mr. FERENC PÁPAI PÁRIZ, in order he might keep me in his good memory.

Sámuel Cseh of Alsócsernáton

In London, on July 16, 1723, by the old calendar

Motto: The Lord will take care. Gen 22:14. *









p. 441. London, July 27, 1723

Cseh, Sámuel
(active 1721-1757), Transylvanian Reformed pastor

Sámuel Cseh of Alsócsernáton (Csernáton) immatriculated at the university of Franeker on September 25, 1721. After his return to Transylvania he became a pastor. He is probably identical with that Samuel Csernátoni who in 1757 wrote a poem for the funeral of Sára Viski, the wife of Ferenc Csepregi, published together with her biography and the other funeral poems: Örökké tartó szombat, mellybe … bé-vitetett néh. Viski Sára aszszony, Tsepregi T. Ferentz uramnak hites-párja. Kolozsvár, 1757.

Sámuel Cseh of Alsócsernáton wrote in the album in London in July of 1723: the fact that he was there is a new datum to his poorly known biography.

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