Prov. 18. 24. Amicus fidelis, honorabilior est Fratre. *

Hoc jucundissimae familiaritatis Memoriale, Nobilissimo Honoratissimoque Possessori, jure non sanguinis sed sinceri affectûs privilegio plus quàm Fratri, Fautor: certè optimo, justissima religione exhibuit, tantoque ejus candori sanctissimè recolendo, ad suprema torpentis vitae suspiria se obstrinxit

Paulus Kamarási mp

Londini 1721 16 Aug.

Symb[olum]. Per Comitia ut Laudes

 * Prov 18:24: the biblical quotation is in reality a paraphrase. The original version , in the translation of the KJV is: “there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother”. Vulgate: “vir amicalis ad societatem magis amicus erit quam frater”


Prov 18:24: A true friend is more respectful than a brother. *

I gave this memento of sweet friendship with the truest devotion to the very noble and honoured owner [of this album], whom I regard more than my brother, not by the right of blood, but by the privilege of sincere affections; and I will always religiously remember his outstanding character, of which I am a devout adherent until my last breath

Pál Kamarási

In London, on August 16, 1721.

Motto: By consulting, in order you might be praised










p. 445. London, August 16, 1721

Kamarási, Pál
(1693-1735), Transylvanian Reformed pastor

Pál Kamarási (Sárdi) was born in 1693 in Sorostély (Alsó-Fehér county, today Soroştin, Roumania), the son of the pastor György Kamarási. He learned in Nagyenyed (Aiud), then he went abroad. In 1717 he was in Franeker, in 1720 he immatriculatd at Leiden, in 1721 he visited England. In 1723 he returned home, and was assistant pastor in Szászváros (Oraştie), then from 1730 pastor in the same town. He died on January 30, 1735 in Szászváros. His work is, besides his funeral sermons: Exercitatio … inquirens in veram punctuationis Hebraei textus antiquitatem. Leiden, 1722-1723. 4 tom.

According to this note, in August of 1721 he was in London.

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