Kempis dell'Imitat. di Cristo L[ibro] III. C[apitolo] XXXIX.

Figliolo, commetti a Dio sempre la tua causa, & Lui disporrà bene al suo tempo.

Commenda Domino vias tuas, & spera in eum, Ipse benefaciet. *

Hisce Generoso atque doctissimo Domino Possessori, sui memoriam cum voto omnigenae Prosperitatis, commendare voluit

Joannes Georgius Gullmannus

Londini, a. d. 2. Julij 1721

 * Ps 37:5: Vulgate: “Revela Domino viam tuam et spera in eum et ipse faciet.” Also quoted in an abbreviated form by Johann Huldreich Heyden on p. 147.


Kempis, Following of Christ, 3.39 [5.33.]

My son, recommend your things always to God, and He will arrange them in due time.

Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. *

With this I want to recommend myself into the memory of the generous and learned owner [of this book], wishing him all kind of success

Johann Georg Gullmann of Augsburg

in London, on July 2, 1721.










p. 455. London, July 2, 1721

Gullmann, Johann Georg
(?-1754), Mayor of Augsburg

Johann Georg Gullmann of Augsburg, princely councillor of Württemberg married Juliana Veronica Voit von Berg, the orphan daughter of Leonhard Friedrich Voit von Berg on April 3, 1736. Later he became Mayor of Augsburg, and died on March 5, 1754. These few data could be excavated from titles of wedding and funeral poems and orations printed in Augsburg.