Generoso Domino Fr[ancisco] P[ariz] Papai, Med[icinae] D[octo]r[i] Experientissimo in Observantiae memoriam apposuit

Georgius Komaromi peregrinus apud Lugd. Batavorum
IV Kalend. Decembr. 1719. Phil. et Med. Dr.

 * Hebrew quotation: Ps 25:5: Hadrikheni va’amitekha. “Lead me in thy righteousness”.
1) In the Masoretic text there is a dagesh forte in the tav of “va’amitekha”, while this is missing in the album.
2) The quotation ends here with a sof pasuq (final dot) – this is naturally missing in the Masoretic text, as there the verse is continued.
3) In the album there an accent sign can be found only under the qaf of the first word, all the other accent signs are missing.

* The Greek is quoted from Aischylus, Fragmenta 390.


Lead me in thy truth. *
Wise is he who has useful knowledge, not who has much knowledge. *
Let fortune be in proportion with efforts.

I recommend myself into the memory of the eminent Ferenc Pápai Páriz, the erudite physician

György Komáromi peregrinating student in Leiden
on the 4th day before the calends of December 1719, doctor of philosophy and medicine








p. 459. Leiden, November 28, 1719

Komáromi, György
(active 1701-1719), Transylvanian physician and doctor of philosophy

György Komáromi learned in Nagyenyed (Aiud), and went to higher studies (subscribed) in 1701. His name is followed by the inscription that he was tutor (“paedagogus”) of Count Zsigmond Bánffy, and that he had set out to foreign academies (“in acad. ivit”). Later he learned at the university of Leiden.

György Komáromi was already a doctor of philosophy and medicine when he wrote in the album of Pápai Páriz in Leiden in November of 1719.

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