Non nobis solùm nati sumus, ortusque nostri
partem Patria vindicat, partem amici. *

Pauca haec Clarissimo hujus albi Domino, Fautori suo atque amico aestumatissimo, in sinceri amoris tesseram cum omnigenae felicitatis voto apposuit.

Christianus Johannes Cochius.

Londini d. 2. Octobr. 1717.

 * Cicero, De officiis 1.22.


We were born not only for ourselves: parts of our lives are also required by our homeland and our friends. *

With this trifle I want to leave a memento of my sincere friendship to the owner of this book, my patron and highly esteemed friend, together with all my best wishes.

Christian Johann Cochius

In London, on October 2, 1717.








p. 464. London, October 2, 1717

Cochius, Christian Johann
(1688-1749), German Reformed pastor

Christian Johann Cochius was born in 1688 in Solingen, the son of the local pastor and later Königsberg court preacher Johann Wilhelm Cochius. Christian Johann studied and disputed in Königsberg, then he visited the universities of Berlin, Bremen, Duisburg and of the Netherlands. After returning home, he substituted his father in the service of Count Dohna, then after the death of his father he became a candidate pastor of the Cathedral in Berlin. He made another tour in the Netherlands and England. He was invited to the royal court, but nevertheless he became a court preacher in Bielefeld of Westfalen. In 1727 he was invited to Potsdam, and finally in 1741 to Berlin, where he became court pastor, councillor, and supervisor of the high school of Joachimstal. From 1746 he was Bishop of the Moravian United Brothers. He died on September 23, 1749. Some of his sermons were published in Potsdam.

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