Vita nostra peregrinatio est;
Diversorium Mundus, Coelum Patria est.
Ut ergo facilior sit nobis ex illo in hoc transitus
relictis impedimentis, contenti paucis, eò anhelemus.

Clariss[imo] D[omi]no Fr[ancisco] P[ariz] Papai in amicitiae infucatae tesseram, & gratam exacti in ipsius consortio cum jucunditate maxima, in Anglia temporis, memoriam, cum voto omnigenae felicitatis, pauca haec abituriens adscripsit Joh[annes] Frid[ericus] Scholtz.

Symb[olum]. In Fide Salus!

Londini d. 11. Novembr. 1718.



Our life is peregrination; our hostelry the earth; our homeland the heaven. Thus, in order our transition from here to there might be as easy as possible, let us leave behind the burdens that hinder us, and satisfied with few, let us aspire to there.

With this trifle I recommend myself into the memory of the eminent Mr. Ferenc Pápai Páriz, as a token of my sincere friendship, and a sign of gratitude for the pleasant time spent in his company in England, wishing him all the best: Johann Friedrich Scholtz.

Motto: Salvation in the faith!

In London, on November 11, 1718.










p. 465. London, November 11, 1718

Scholtz, Johann Friedrich

He wrote in the album in November of 1718 in London. We do not know any more about him, but he might be identical with (1) Scholtz, Johann Friedrich (active 1753-1770), philosopher, private professor in Helmstedt; although there is a rather long distance of time between the note in the album and his period of activity. – (2) Another Scholtz, Johann Friedrich (active c. 1731), was pastor in Stendal, then in the castle of Cottbus; perhaps identical with the same person of whom we only know that he was active in 1696. Apart from some funeral sermons, his dissertation defended in Frankfurt an der Oder was also published: Dissertatio theologica de angelis bonis et malis: praeside Barthold Holtzfus … submittit Johannes Fridericus Scholtz. Francofurti ad Viadrum, 1713.

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