Mors omnia solvit.

Generoso, Doctissimoque Albi hujus possessori D[omi]no Francisco Pariz Papai omnigenam apprecatur felicitatem, Londino abiturus

Emmanuel Davisson, Gedanensis

Londini, A[nno] 1718 26 Augustij.



Death resolves everything.

When leaving from London, I wish all kind of good fortune to the noble and learned owner of this album, Mr. Ferenc Pápai Páriz

Emanuel Davisson of Danzig

In London, on August 26, 1718.








p. 473. London, August 26, 1718

Davisson, Emanuel
(1692-1743), Polish physician

Emanuel Davisson was born in 1692, probably in Danzig (Gdańsk). In 1707 he studied in the high school of Danzig, from 1711 in Königsberg, and presumably also in the Netherlands. After returning home he practised in Danzig. He refuted (1724) the idea that the plica polonica (“Polish curl”, the knottying of the hair accompanied by skin symptoms, caused by lousiness) was an illness. He died in 1743. His dissertation defended in Königsberg in 1711 was published in print: Disputatio politica de imperio hominis in hominem naturali, quam … praeside M. Georgio Thegen … suscipit Emanuel Davisson. Regiomontum, 1711.

Davisson wrote in the album of Pápai Páriz shortly before leaving from London (Londino abiturus), in August of 1718. He had probably paid a visit to England from the Netherlands. Why does a physician choose for motto just this: Death resolves everything?

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