Pharmaca animi cunctis prosunt, corporum multis.

Nobilissimo Domino sui memoriam commendat, et fausta omnia precatur.

J. V. Rouveroy
Coll[egii] Theol[ogiae] Illustr[ium] Ord[inum] Holl[andiae] et West-Fr[isiae] Pro-Reg[ens] Eccl[esiae] Pastor.

Lugd[uni] Bat[avorum] 29. may: 1715

 * Exod 15,26: ’Ani YHWH rof’ekha. Vulgate: “ego enim Dominus sanator tuus”. In the first word a hirek is missing under nun.


The medicine of the soul is useful for everybody; those of the body for many.

I am the Lord that healeth thee. Exod 15,26.

I recommend myself into the memory of the noble possessor [of this album], and I wish him all the best

J. V. Rouveroy
subregent of the college of theology of the illustrious Orders of Holland and Western Friesland, and pastor of the church

In Leiden, on May 29, 1715.









p. 231. Leiden, May 29, 1715

Rouveroy, Johannes van
(1670-1720), Dutch pastor

Johannes van Rouveroy (Roeveroy) was born in 1670 in an ancient family of Leiden. He immatriculated at the university of Leiden in 1685, where he graduated in 1694. From 1697 he was a pastor in Langeraar (Zuid-Holland), from 1700 a preacher in Leiden. In 1709, after the death of the regent of the Staten-College Petrus Hollebeek (1646-1709) he was appointed subregent; at the same time Robertus Aemilius (1663-1729), his later son-in-law, was promoted regent. Rouveroy died in February 1720 in Leiden. His work is: Disputatio theologica de carnium esu ante diluvium licito … praes. F. Spanheim. Leiden, 1693.

Robertus Aemilius, regent of the Staten-College, son-in-law of Rouveroy, also wrote in the album of Pápai Páriz (p. 227).

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