Nobilissimo viro juveni Domino Francisco Pariz papai, honoris, memoriaeque Causa Ex animo adscripsit

Robertus Aemilius
Ill[ustrium] ac praep[otentium] D. D. Ordin[um] Holl[andiae] ac Westfr[isiae] Colleg[ii] Theol[ogiae] Regens, ac Eccl[esiae] Leid[ensis] 1715. 5-25.

 * A more complete version of this motto, consisting of two verses, is also quoted by Elisaeus Malacrida on p. 145.


If God helps, envy can do no harm. *

I wrote this memento for the noble young Ferenc Páriz Pápai as a token of my honours

Robertus Aemilius
regent of the theological college of the illustrious and powerful Orders of Holland and Western Friesland, and of the church of Leiden
on May 25, 1715







p. 227. Leiden, May 25, 1715

Aemilius, Robertus
(1663-1729), Dutch pastor

Robertus Aemilius was born on January 29, 1663 in Oud-Beierland (Zuid-Holland), a son of Gerard Aemilius. He immatriculated in 1683 at the faculty of theology of Leiden, and was influenced first of all by the Cartesian Christoph Wittich (1625-1687). From 1688 he was a preacher in Nieuw-Beierland, from 1700 in Delfshaven, and from 1702 in Leiden. In 1707 he was a subregent of the Staten-College, and from 1709, following the death of the regent Petrus Hollebeek (1646-1709), he became his successor. After the death of his wife in 1711 he married Mary van Rouveroy, daughter of his colleague Johannes van Rouveroy (1670-1720). He died on March 17, 1729 in Leiden. He was a mild personality, who avoided conflicts. His two sons born in his first matrimony, Gerard and Cornelis, also became pastors. His works: ’S Werelds ontstandvastigheit, 1709. – Het licht der waerheit, doorstraelend in de leere der hervormde kerke. Leiden, 1715. - Kort ontwerp van Het licht der waarheit. Leiden, 1720.

Four days after the note of Robertus Aemilius his father-in-law, Johannes van Rouveroy also wrote in the album (p. 231).

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