— Prona via est, et eget moderamine certo. *

Sententiam hanc (in memoriam sui) nobilissimo et clarissimo Viro, hujusce Albi Possessori, voluit adscribere

J. Bowles
Bibliothecae Bodleianae Officiariorum unus.

Oxon[iis] Maij 1. 1716

 * The source of the motto is Ovid, Metamorphoses 2.67 (“ultima prona via est eget moderamine certo”)


The way is steep and wants a sure government. *

I wanted to leave this sentence as a token of memory to the noble and illustrious owner of this album

J. Bowles
officer in the Bodleian Library

In Oxford, on May 1, 1716.








p. 234. Oxford, May 12, 1716

Bowles, J.
(active in 1716), English librarian officer

About J. Bowles we know only as much as he himself wrote in the album of Pápai Páriz. On the same day wrote in the album in Oxford the prefect of the Bodleian Library John Hudson, and Samuel Parker (pp. 233, 236), and one day earlier Edmond Halley (p. 237).