Sint fortunati sine morbo tot tibi menses,
   Tempore quot verno parturit hybla favos,
Nec prius incurras volo saeva pericla viarum,
   Quam se se immiti copulet agna lupo.

Claudiopol. Transylvaniae
Anno 1711. 30. Julij.

Nobilem, Medicinam mentis sed Corporis allaboraturientem Dominum FRANCISCUM P: PAPAI, S: R: I: C: Michaël, primi Michaëlis, filij filius. TELEKI; ornat, Anno aetatis suae undecimo.



May you have so many fortunate months, without illness, / as many honeycombs are found in springtime at Mount Hybla, / and I wish you to meet fierce perils on your way later / than wolf mate meek lamb.

In the Transylvanian Kolozsvár
on July 30, 1711.

Let the noble FERENC P. PÁRIZ, devoting his efforts to the healing of body and soul, be thus praised by Count Mihály Teleki, grandson of the first Mihály, at his age of eleven









p. 87. Kolozsvár/Cluj, July 30, 1711

Teleki, Mihály
(1700-1745), Councillor of the Transylvanian Government

Count Mihály Teleki of Szék was born on September 6, 1700, a son of Mihály Teleki (1671-1720) General Captain of Kővár (Chior) and General of Prince Ferenc II. Rákóczi, and Katalin Toroczkay (?-1723), grandson of the great Transylvanian politician Mihály Teleki (1634-1690). He studied in Kolozsvár, and here wrote his first Latin treatise, as a student, on the necessity of good deeds. He participated at the Parlament of Nagyszeben (Sibiu) in 1736, and became Imperial Chamberlain and Councillor of the Transylvanian Government. In 1741 he participated in the Deputy of Vienna. From 1742 he was a member of the General Audit Office. He died on September 10, 1745 in Olthévíz (Nagyküküllő county, today Hoghiz). He married Klára Bethlen (?-1755), daughter of Miklós Bethlen (1642-1716); their children all died at an early age. His works are: Exercitatio theologica de bonorum operum necessitate. Kolozsvár, 1718. – Dissertatio philosophica de unione mentis cum corpore, quam … in Coll. Claudiopolitano … publico exposuit examini … Kolozsvár, 1718. – Compendium Cronicae Transylvaniae. Kolozsvár, 1731. – Our Library keeps a copy of his published funeral sermon.

Count Teleki made his note in the Album in Kolozsvár, at his age of eleven, on the same day when his elder brother János (p. 86) and their tutor András Ajtai Szabó (p. 451) also made their mementos. He regards it important to say that he is grandson of the first Mihály Teleki, the renowned politician. The next page of the Album (p. 89) contains the note, dated two weeks later, of Professor Sámuel Szatmárnémethi, to whose funeral in 1717 a Latin poem was written by Count Mihály Teleki.

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